Elite Commandos Slot Review (2020)


It is no brainer than the online slot machines have been on their A-game and raising the bar for their offline counterparts. People are shifting from land-based casino establishments to play the same games online. Not only because of the massive bonuses but also because they could play at the comfort of their homes. A study shows that Slots is one of the most played online games in the United States. There are many online theme-based slots on the net that are becoming personal favourites for many. One among them is Elite commando, released in 2003.

What is it about?

Elite commandos is a game theme created by boffins at WorldMatch, who are also famous for creating roulette, card games and many more. The theme is based on a military game, on war and destruction. It is an online slot machine game that is in for some real payouts to the players, following massive disruption in the game. You either have to prove yourself as elite, or fall prey to the sniper.

Elite commandos

War Zone

The game is elevated to High Definition clarity with animated clips. Although we’ve used the word “animation”, it is nowhere near to the childlike animations or the cartoon characters. A soldier will greet you in a Warfield with guns and smoke. The sounds effects will give you nothing but a real feel of a warzone. Among all the chaos, your job is to spin and prove yourself elite, to win real money.


Since it is based on war, you cannot go wrong with symbols, which includes sniper, bullets, rifles and many war-related symbols. It consists of 5 reels and 20 pay lines and gives you the comfort of choosing the bet amount per pay line, until a maximum limit. To increase the excitement of the game, there are wilds and bonuses offered that elevates the potential of winning more money. The bonus reels run from left to right, and if you’ve to see your bonus, then you have to target and fire.


User friendly

Like any other slot machines online, this is also a user-friendly slot themed online game that allows the user to play for free. If you’re experimenting or just having fun, then you can play the free version and try your strategies. When you are ready to play using real money, you can provide your details and register on a particular site. The game does not require you to download multiple apps and consume your space. All you have to do is just log in to your browser and start playing the game. However, the game is only allowed for those countries where online gambling is legal and the websites also allow the gamblers from such countries to participate.


Although the game includes animations and other graphics, it gives a very realistic approach, especially in the HD quality it provides. It is worth a try for all the slot lovers online.