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    Military video games

    Top 10 Military video games of All-time

    Video games have their place in the military establishment also. It has been used to train soldiers for a couple of times, but some video games have their unique place in the field. Given the unique design and interactive features in the game, it has proven to be instrumental for the troop training also. The military institutions use certain video games to help troops, either to get culturally exposed to the place or to be ready for the battlefield scenarios. This includes open filed sessions and other educative video games.

    Team Fortress 2

    Team Fortress 2 was released in 2007 and ever since it has been the favorite military game of all time. Compared to the earlier version, the sequel is much better and has interesting missions. The game features a war between two sides and you can almost do anything in it.

    Team Fortress 2

    Far Cry 5

    Far Cry is known for its high-end graphics and intense storylines. The story of the game is based around a county called Hope County in Montana, the U.S where a powerful leader has taken it hostage. The mission is to liberate the county.

    Command and Conquer

    It was released in 1995 and still happens to be one of the best military video games. It involves all types of military strategies that goes into orchestrating an attack. From the war room to the battlefield, it has it all.

    Medal of honor

    The 2002 version is much enhanced and has interactive features to keep the player hitched to the screen. It’s a first-person shooter game in the European and African Battle scenarios of WW2.

    Rainbow 6 – 3

    The game revolves around a task force called Rainbow 6 whose task is to eliminate the neo-fascist group that can be traced to real Nazis of Croatia. It mixes history with the modern scenarios of warfare.

    Rainbow 6 – 3

    Gears of War 2

    The Gears of War is widely known for its radical games. It follows Delta Squad against Alien Locustson planet Sera. The weapons are different with better graphics and enhanced sound quality that makes it a better choice in the market.

    Battlefield 3

    The 3rd in the line Battlefield lives up to its reputation. It has a multiplayer system with locations based around Iran, Iraq, and even Paris and NYC. The game follows the fictional war of 2014.

    Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2

    Call of Duty is known for its repute in the industry. Modern Warfare 2 was released in 2009. It follows a fictional battle between Task Force 141 and U.S. Army Rangers as they prevent a Russian invasion.


    Doom was released in 1993 where players must take the position of a Marine and fight the demons from hell. In military classics, it has had its days.


    Call of Duty

    The 2010 version of Call of Duty is a masterpiece and a spectacular choice in the military video games. From graphics to the storyline, the game will never disappoint anybody.


    Although there are loads of military games, some just steal the top spots. With the old brands releasing the new versions of games, the future sure looks bright for the war games.


    Military and War Themed Slots Games

    Slot machine games are a must-try on the casino floor. There are hardly a handful of people who leave the casino without playing a game of slots or two. Though it is a game of chance, more than skill, people are still indulged in trying their luck and winning home some big money. Slot machines have gained so much popularity in the recent years that it is also a part of recreation in the non-gambling countries like Japan, in the name of Pachinko.

    The increase in slot machine numbers and millions of gamblers playing it across the world has demanded the slot manufacturers to design them based on popular themes. What could be better than the classic world war-themed military or war zones? The incorporation and inspiration taken from the conventional war games like Star wars have led the manufactures to create beautiful and attractive games, both online and on land-based casinos. Incorporation of these themes has tremendously increased players across the globe, not only for graphics but also for its action and strategy.


    Battlefields are commonly referred to as the floor or an online counterpart, where the battle takes place. If we’re talking about the offline ones, then it has to be the casino, and the online ones are the ones we find on online video slot machine websites. Since we’re talking about ‘war-themed’ slots, it might be intimidating in some countries. Hence it is imperative to choose the casino or the online website wisely.

    • Make sure the casino is a licensed one and have games or tables, which are not illegal.
    • Check the review online. The negatives shouldn’t outdo the positive
    • It is essential to be safe than to be sorry.


    How to play?

    War or military-themed slot machines are like any other slot machines which consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of five reels. It is similar to the traditional way of playing any slot machine but involves battle or war zone characters and themes to win payouts and jackpots. Like any other war games, this one does not include shooting or destroying your opponent. Ut’s a fun way of winning, involving your favourite military characters and see them in action, only to earn money for yourself.

    The players need to match the reel symbols, which includes special characters or items from the war theme. It feels like playing with a box, which has something to do with the soldiers. Apart from the interesting characters and themes, they also offer jackpots and bonuses which are purely entertaining to the players. The sound effects and graphics keep the players hooked to their seats and gamble away their money.  Some of the world’s most popular games like the Highlander, Braveheart and many more have made its way to the slot machine themes.

    Online slots

    Apart from the traditional land-based casino’s, there are online slots that are also incorporating war or military-based themes in their slot machines. Manufacturers like NetEnt and Microgaming have stepped up their game to provide fierce competition to their offline counterparts.

    War Slots

    Top 7 War Slots Games in Online Casinos

    The availability of faster internet access all over the world and increase in the popularity of the casino industry has led the entire organization to include new themes and layouts in their favoured games. Slot machines are the games of chance or luck that are played by millions of people all over the world. The increased popularity in slots on the land-based casinos led to the invention of online casinos. Since thousands of players and gamblers are getting accustomed to the online casino world, there is a continuous demand for the introduction of themes and graphics that attracts the players.

    One among the lot is war and military-themed slots. The high popularity of war games like PubG and Call of Duty have thrown light on the themes of warzones, where people fight against one another, two civilizations or two groups of people. A similar idea is implemented in slots as well. Let’s discuss the top 7 casinos with war and military themes:


    This slot machine theme is based on a battle between two players with exciting colours and graphics. The slot machine contains symbols like the logo, anchors, maps, aircraft and many more. The machine includes five reels with 25 pay lines. To increase the intensity and excitement, they’ve also introduced bonus features and many more.



    The game was created by NetEnt and is solely a war-themed game. The players do not need to win combinations, like in the classic slots, which acts as an advantage to them. The slot machine contains five reels and 245 pay lines. The machine is capable of a payout of over 1000 credit points.

    Tally Ho

    It is a World War II themed game, with five reels and 20 pay lines. The game is known for its massive payouts and also has unique features that excite the player. The player need not land on combinations to win massive jackpots, as there are bonuses and payouts at the end of every game.

    Tally Ho

    Orc’s Battle

    If wild battles and the rage play is the one that attracts the player, then the player will love this game. There is a maximum of 5 reels from which you can choose, preparing to fight. It has as much as 50 pay lines, and players can win a jackpot of up to 1000 coins.

    Drone Wars

    This is another exciting war-themed online slot game, created by Microgaming. Based on movies like Star Wars and Star Trek, it provides impeccable sound and graphics quality that can attract anyone. The machine contains five reels and is also known to offer good payouts. The update in the graphics, sound quality and gameplay can lead you to a win of 20,000 coins in a single game.

    Drone Wars

    Sonic Boom

    As the name suggests, this is based on aeroplane wars. The game is also created by Microgaming which contains unique aeroplane themed slot machines that include three reels and special symbols. If you’re lucky enough, you can hit a jackpot bonus of up to 1500 coins in a single game.

    Flight Zone

    It is perfect for players looking for massive bonuses and payouts. It consists of 5 reels with excellent payouts and wild cards. One can bet a maximum of 250 coins per spin and can receive a payout of 1000 coins per game.

    Online Slots

    Battleground Spins Online Video Slots Review

    Video slot machines have gained popularity in recent years. The graphics, sound effects and other visually appealing characteristics have taken gamblers to another dimension of gambling. The popularity of the traditional reel based slot machines have been ruling out, and video slots are taking its place. Since the availability of the internet has reached its peak all over the world, so has the invention of online video slot machines.

    Online slots

    Visual appearance, sound effects, graphics and many more features with thousands of variations in themes have set foot into another world of slot machines. The experience is even better when played online, as there are a lot of doors open to the themes and characters. You can gamble at the comfort of your homes and still pour money into your bank accounts. This can be an overall overwhelming experience for the user. Let’s take a quick review on this video slot game:


    Battleground Spins

    • It is a video slot game, manufactured by GamesOS and is available in almost all the casino or slots gambling websites around the world.
    • The slot is colourful with a lot of details added to it and a hint of humour.
    • They’re themed around comic-like characters, with a maximum of five reels and three rows of video slots.
    • The symbols for the reels consist of army bags, weapons and army related stuff.
    • With a sophisticated and straightforward design, there is a lot that the game has to offer to the players. The player can win at least some amount during every spin. This is one unique quality that attracts most of the players.
    • The background of the game paints an open grass yard with motors and many more at its background.
    • The landmine symbols act as the wilds that are useful in winning extra combinations, bonuses or jackpots.
    • Collection of an ammunition box with bullets accounts for a free spin. The free spins keep adding up by five every time there is an increase in the coin. For example, three coins mean five spins, four accounts for 10spins, and five coins accounts for 15 free spins.
    • Your tank usually acts like the shooting weapon for other tanks. The teddy bears behind the tank add a subtle touch to the otherwise dangerous game.

    Chances of winning

    This video slot consists of almost a maximum of 30 pay lines. This gives the players a good enough chance to win at least twice in the game. One of the cool features to personalize the game is by selecting the customize option at the bottom of the screen. It is advisable to customize it before the player start playing, as they’re not allowed to manipulate later. A player can choose bets by selecting “BET ONE” or “BET MAX” (the highest possible bet you can place in the game) if they want to go all in. It is an overall and fun experience to sit at the comforts of homes and play this game, no wonder its popularity.

    Slot Machines

    8 Helpful Tips for Playing Slot Machines in 2020

    With the increase in recreational activities and the popularity of casinos around the world, gambling is no more considered as a sin or a taboo like in the olden times. It is instead viewed as a source of recreation and is turning into a billion-dollar industry, generating massive amounts of revenue to the country.

    Countries like the United States consider slots as one of the most played games in a casino, and with many countries in the line. Whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned player, you can get intimidated by the exciting graphics, colours and other extravagant features offered by the slot machines. Sometimes it can be overwhelming too, with all the themes and character. Hence, it is always a wise decision to go through and imply some tips and strategies before you get started with the game:

    Play with cash

    Although there are limited numbers of slot machines that accept coins, it is worth a try to play with coins or real money, rather than to swipe your debit or credit card. This step keeps you aware of the amount you’re spending on each spin and prevents you to an extent from going bankrupt.

    Play with cash

    Test for free

    One slot machine is different from the other. Some differ in their theme, and some differences in the number of reels and payouts. It is always better to try it for free before you sit to place a bet. Choose the ones you’re most comfortable with and then go ahead.

    Keep it simple

    The higher the features and complications, the lesser are your odds. Slot machines that offer a lot of features like videos, sound effects and other unnecessary graphics tend to affect your pocket. Hence, choose a sophisticated yet straightforward game.

    Bet the maximum

    Sometimes unless you bet the maximum amount, you i=will not be eligible to access features like in-game bonuses, jackpots and make=y more. Betting maximum on the pay lines increases your chances of winning a payout since the number of turns will increase

    Higher denomination

    Choose slots that require/offer higher denominations. Those are the ones that help odds work in your favour and increase the possibility of winning a payout at the end. Denominations and payouts are directly proportional. The higher the denomination, the better are the chances of filling your pockets.

    Higher denomination

    Play until a certain point

    Before you start playing any games on the casino floor, make sure you have a budget, and you know when to draw the line. If you’re winning or losing continually, know when to stop, as luck might turn against you anytime or you might end up losing everything.

    Progressive slots

    Keep progressive slots at arm’s length. Because the casinos can trick you into winning jackpots more money, which happens to one in a hundred.

    Avoid tight machines

    There are always machines that do not ‘hit’, no matter how many times you try. It is best to avoid such machines than burning hold in your pocket.


    Elite Commandos Slot Review (2020)

    It is no brainer than the online slot machines have been on their A-game and raising the bar for their offline counterparts. People are shifting from land-based casino establishments to play the same games online. Not only because of the massive bonuses but also because they could play at the comfort of their homes. A study shows that Slots is one of the most played online games in the United States. There are many online theme-based slots on the net that are becoming personal favourites for many. One among them is Elite commando, released in 2003.

    What is it about?

    Elite commandos is a game theme created by boffins at WorldMatch, who are also famous for creating roulette, card games and many more. The theme is based on a military game, on war and destruction. It is an online slot machine game that is in for some real payouts to the players, following massive disruption in the game. You either have to prove yourself as elite, or fall prey to the sniper.

    Elite commandos

    War Zone

    The game is elevated to High Definition clarity with animated clips. Although we’ve used the word “animation”, it is nowhere near to the childlike animations or the cartoon characters. A soldier will greet you in a Warfield with guns and smoke. The sounds effects will give you nothing but a real feel of a warzone. Among all the chaos, your job is to spin and prove yourself elite, to win real money.


    Since it is based on war, you cannot go wrong with symbols, which includes sniper, bullets, rifles and many war-related symbols. It consists of 5 reels and 20 pay lines and gives you the comfort of choosing the bet amount per pay line, until a maximum limit. To increase the excitement of the game, there are wilds and bonuses offered that elevates the potential of winning more money. The bonus reels run from left to right, and if you’ve to see your bonus, then you have to target and fire.


    User friendly

    Like any other slot machines online, this is also a user-friendly slot themed online game that allows the user to play for free. If you’re experimenting or just having fun, then you can play the free version and try your strategies. When you are ready to play using real money, you can provide your details and register on a particular site. The game does not require you to download multiple apps and consume your space. All you have to do is just log in to your browser and start playing the game. However, the game is only allowed for those countries where online gambling is legal and the websites also allow the gamblers from such countries to participate.


    Although the game includes animations and other graphics, it gives a very realistic approach, especially in the HD quality it provides. It is worth a try for all the slot lovers online.


    Today’s Most Popular War & Military Themed Slots Revealed

    Decades ago, people were n aware of what online slots or online gambling is all off. The focus was laid on inventing and improving the land-based casino games, that was a favourite pastime for all the gambling enthusiasts. However, as technology improved and started providing access to the easy availability of internet, online gambling gained popularity.  The online gambling community has gained so much popularity that the recreational site has become a centre point for a billion-dollar industry.

    Since then, there are a lot of games included in the lot, and one among them are slots. Anyone and everyone play them. All it requires is a bit of luck and some necessary skills. And you’re good to go. The increase in popularity of slots are not restricted to illegal gambling countries but has also spread across. Japan has incorporated the slot features and principles in a traditional game called Pachinko. This widespread gain in popularity has also raised the bar for some of the games. One of them is Battlefield slots. It is the most played war, and military-themed slot games online.


    Battlefield slots

    For anyone who hasn’t had the taste of playing the game yet, it is a must-try! It provides a thrilling experience to the user while playing that is nothing less than realistic. The theme is based on war, where you combat the enemies among thousands of other players. So, when you win, it not just against the house, but also against thousands of other slots players.

    Like any other slot machine, it is not just based on chance, but also skills like mentioned above. It is centred around the Calypsonians, who are eager to win a battle against warriors. It’ll take more than luck to win against them and get a higher score in the leader board.

    The best part of the game is that you can challenge other slot players to play against you or you can enjoy a single-player game, by yourself. The scatters and wilds adds to the experience by making it all the more challenging to grab them and use it to earn money.

    Features of the game

    • The game offers a maximum of five reels and twenty-five pay lines. The player can choose his bet for the pay lines.
    • It offers a heads up mode, where you can challenge slot players, playing the same theme for 1 to 3 minutes battle.
    • Or there is an option for the single-player mode, where you can play at your own pace.
    • Upgrading the warrior’s calls for bonuses and superpowers.
    • They provide scatters and wilds that makes the game even more exciting
    • The high definition display and the new sound effects give a hint of an esports game.

    The game also offers mini-games and bonuses to increase the efficiency of winning more cash.


    The best modern War, Cold war & WW3 War games

    The gaming industry has changed a lot in recent years, ever since the inception of Tennis for two, a lot has gone into designing and upgrading the gaming industry. War games have recently been the hype given that you can communicate with other teammates, coordinated, and launch attacks in the game. This has brought a different kind of revolution in the gaming industry where designers are sensing the mood of the players and bringing the new changes in the games. Every day more and more games come in the market adding to the competition between different names.

    Combat mission – Black sea:

    Developed by battlefront, the game is a classic war game. It is based around a fictional future conflict between Russian, American, and Ukrainian forces in 2017. The game is one of the best in the market and as far as its design is concerned, certain areas need to be enhanced and we can hope that the coming updates of the game are much more developed than the current one we have.

    Combat mission

    Flashpoint campaign – red storm:

    This is another game that needs recognition. Though yet to receive its share its load of popularity, it simulates a cold war situation. What makes it better than the other games in the market is its enhanced controls, better graphics, and the player response time. This is most important in critical situations in the game.

    Red Dragon:

    The game is available on Steam. It is based around a conflict between Nato and Warsaw pact. Red Dragon expands to far east like Chinese, Japanese, and both North and South Korean militaries as participating nations. The game was launched in 2012 and the player gets to customize the character before deploying him on the battlefield.

    Red Dragon

    Full Spectrum warrior:

    Full Spectrum Warrior is a modern light infantry combat game. The main mission is to commandeer a team in a fictional country called Zekistan. The game uses high graphics and a better sound system to create a realistic approach and make the game sounds more real.

    Afghanistan 11:

    Developed by Everysinglesoldier, the central idea of the game is to win over the local population in Afghanistan as well as diminish the control of the Taliban.

    Afghanistan 11

    Call to arms:

    Developed by Digitalmindsoft EU and available on Steam, Call to Arms is a modern war game with a world war 3 twist.


    The gaming world has achieved a lot in recent years but in matters of War games, it has been a phenomenon. The games have not just been useful to the players but the military has also used such games to train their soldiers. With the technological developments happening in the gaming world, it’s evolving even faster. The 3D and multi-player features have allowed adding more entertainment to the games. Now, the players can connect online and co-ordinate attacks on the opponents. though there is still a lot to achieve, for now, War games are still one of the top choices.


    Top secret slots

    Ever since the inception of slot machines, the world around it has changed a lot. From the time it emerged, it has never gone out of business. The current slot machines are much more enhanced than their previous versions. The traditional ones have been replaced by video slots and theme-based ones. This has allowed the slot machines to cater to a large audience and develop with time. Currently, slot machines can be found in every casino, and given that they are easy to use, they surely have their ways of attracting new customers and keep them entertained throughout their ride.

    What is the Top Secret slot?

    Top Secret slot is a slot game that you can play at a casino. Currently, you can find the game at more than 55 casinos but as the popularity of the game is rising, more and more casinos are incorporating. Given the nature of the game, its theme can attract new players and keep the existing players at the screen, something InBet is popular at achieving. It is 5-reel, 9 lines instant-play video slot based around a theme where you get to save the world using your brain and wit.

    Top secret Slot machine:

    This is an online video slot from InBet which is based around military and top-secret missions. Your job is to win prizes but to do that, you will first keep your eyes on the game. This is a convincing theme to keep the payer hitched to the screen and intriguing. Inbet has a reputation for creating innovative games. Apart from all that, you can also trigger a bonus round where you can win extra prizes from the game.  As far as large graphics are concerned, the game has decent graphics allowing space for everything.

    Top Secret slot


    Top Secret Slot is a unique slot game. However, every slot game has its own perks, but Secret Slot is one such game that is based around a theme that is rare in the Slot gaming world. The secret mission, confidential documents, and the world at stake. You get the tool and the fate of the world depends upon you. This theme is a video game theme, but Secret Slot has brought it to the slot world. Apart from all that, the high-end graphics and better sound quality give it a realistic approach. The development in the slot world is quite visible in the design.

    How to play:

    The rules of the game are pretty simple and it works the same way as it would do on a normal slot machine, but the theme is different and much more interesting.


    Slot gaming has evolved a lot in recent years. The secret slot is one such example as it being one of the slot games based around the theme of military and secret missions. Though this kind of theme is rare in the slot games, InBet has used its resources in a way that has made the game more interesting and a lot of fun.

    Video games

    6 Military video games used to train troops on the battlefield

    Video games may not simulate real-life situation but it’s a fine way to train your reflexes. Doctors suggest video games for developing children to help with many issues. It can sharpen your mind. Keeping these things in mind, the security apparatus has always used innovative ways to train their troops. This includes a special kind of training and use of video games also. However, the use of video games is a new exercise but it has already gained momentum.

    Bring it on, Duck Hunt

    This game is based around shooting and the accuracy of the shooter when he tries to shoot the duck with the gaming remote. The light gun used in the game is a replica of Jäger AP-74, styled after the M-16 rifle of the U.S Military. The games are developed by the U.S military.

    Virtual Reality Combat Training

    This game has been developed by Raytheon. The game is used by the military to make their troops familiarize themselves with the environment and weapons. This is an open arena gaming field that simulates the real-life situation of the troops, however, the simulators are designed to increase the reflex of players but at the same time, they are a lot different than the real-life scenarios.

    Combat Training

    Full Spectrum Warrior (Xbox)

    The game comes in two versions – one is open to the public and other ones are used by the military to train its troops. Though the latter version can also be unlocked by the local public by following certain steps. The military version allows the player to issue the orders to the virtual team.

    Tactical Iraqi (PC)

    The game was to teach cultural nuances of Iraq to the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines before their deployment to Iraq in 2007. This educated the troops on language and gestures of Iraq and brought them face-to-face with Iraq in a virtual world.

    America’s Army

    This is a first-person shooter game published in a series of games. The game is on PC, Xbox, mobile phone, and arcade. The characters in the game were based upon real-life soldiers who had made a name in the military. Furthermore, it has won numerous awards like Action Game of E3 by GameSpy and Best First Person Shooter from Wargamer.

    America’s Army

    Virtual Battlespace 2

    The best part about Battlespace 2 is that it allows you to customize the battlefield according to t your requirements. The filed can be modified to fit in different scenarios. This helps the players to view a different perspective. The players can also issue orders to squad members.


    Videos games have been used for a long time to teach many things to people. From education to the military, the impact of games has been spectacular. Not just the U.S military but almost every country used video games as an interactive way to help soldiers get along with the battlefield scenarios. This also helps them to get familiarised with the weapons system and visualize what they are about to face.