Battleground Spins Online Video Slots Review

Online Slots

Video slot machines have gained popularity in recent years. The graphics, sound effects and other visually appealing characteristics have taken gamblers to another dimension of gambling. The popularity of the traditional reel based slot machines have been ruling out, and video slots are taking its place. Since the availability of the internet has reached its peak all over the world, so has the invention of online video slot machines.

Online slots

Visual appearance, sound effects, graphics and many more features with thousands of variations in themes have set foot into another world of slot machines. The experience is even better when played online, as there are a lot of doors open to the themes and characters. You can gamble at the comfort of your homes and still pour money into your bank accounts. This can be an overall overwhelming experience for the user. Let’s take a quick review on this video slot game:


Battleground Spins

  • It is a video slot game, manufactured by GamesOS and is available in almost all the casino or slots gambling websites around the world.
  • The slot is colourful with a lot of details added to it and a hint of humour.
  • They’re themed around comic-like characters, with a maximum of five reels and three rows of video slots.
  • The symbols for the reels consist of army bags, weapons and army related stuff.
  • With a sophisticated and straightforward design, there is a lot that the game has to offer to the players. The player can win at least some amount during every spin. This is one unique quality that attracts most of the players.
  • The background of the game paints an open grass yard with motors and many more at its background.
  • The landmine symbols act as the wilds that are useful in winning extra combinations, bonuses or jackpots.
  • Collection of an ammunition box with bullets accounts for a free spin. The free spins keep adding up by five every time there is an increase in the coin. For example, three coins mean five spins, four accounts for 10spins, and five coins accounts for 15 free spins.
  • Your tank usually acts like the shooting weapon for other tanks. The teddy bears behind the tank add a subtle touch to the otherwise dangerous game.

Chances of winning

This video slot consists of almost a maximum of 30 pay lines. This gives the players a good enough chance to win at least twice in the game. One of the cool features to personalize the game is by selecting the customize option at the bottom of the screen. It is advisable to customize it before the player start playing, as they’re not allowed to manipulate later. A player can choose bets by selecting “BET ONE” or “BET MAX” (the highest possible bet you can place in the game) if they want to go all in. It is an overall and fun experience to sit at the comforts of homes and play this game, no wonder its popularity.