The best modern War, Cold war & WW3 War games


The gaming industry has changed a lot in recent years, ever since the inception of Tennis for two, a lot has gone into designing and upgrading the gaming industry. War games have recently been the hype given that you can communicate with other teammates, coordinated, and launch attacks in the game. This has brought a different kind of revolution in the gaming industry where designers are sensing the mood of the players and bringing the new changes in the games. Every day more and more games come in the market adding to the competition between different names.

Combat mission – Black sea:

Developed by battlefront, the game is a classic war game. It is based around a fictional future conflict between Russian, American, and Ukrainian forces in 2017. The game is one of the best in the market and as far as its design is concerned, certain areas need to be enhanced and we can hope that the coming updates of the game are much more developed than the current one we have.

Combat mission

Flashpoint campaign – red storm:

This is another game that needs recognition. Though yet to receive its share its load of popularity, it simulates a cold war situation. What makes it better than the other games in the market is its enhanced controls, better graphics, and the player response time. This is most important in critical situations in the game.

Red Dragon:

The game is available on Steam. It is based around a conflict between Nato and Warsaw pact. Red Dragon expands to far east like Chinese, Japanese, and both North and South Korean militaries as participating nations. The game was launched in 2012 and the player gets to customize the character before deploying him on the battlefield.

Red Dragon

Full Spectrum warrior:

Full Spectrum Warrior is a modern light infantry combat game. The main mission is to commandeer a team in a fictional country called Zekistan. The game uses high graphics and a better sound system to create a realistic approach and make the game sounds more real.

Afghanistan 11:

Developed by Everysinglesoldier, the central idea of the game is to win over the local population in Afghanistan as well as diminish the control of the Taliban.

Afghanistan 11

Call to arms:

Developed by Digitalmindsoft EU and available on Steam, Call to Arms is a modern war game with a world war 3 twist.


The gaming world has achieved a lot in recent years but in matters of War games, it has been a phenomenon. The games have not just been useful to the players but the military has also used such games to train their soldiers. With the technological developments happening in the gaming world, it’s evolving even faster. The 3D and multi-player features have allowed adding more entertainment to the games. Now, the players can connect online and co-ordinate attacks on the opponents. though there is still a lot to achieve, for now, War games are still one of the top choices.