How Online Slots have become the Favored Kiwi Online Casino Game

Kiwis love slots

Online slot games are the most popular among gamblers in New Zealand. Gamblers have a chance to spin the wheel and enjoy playing over 500 slot games. Online slot games came after their predecessors, land-based casinos. Here, punters would meet in casino houses to play slot games from slot machines. Online slot games in New Zealand became popular in the 90s but were later prohibited due to the Gambling Act of 2003. Kiwi punters could only play online slot games by accessing online casinos of other countries. The only way to access these games was through software companies.

The first company to offer online slot games was Microgaming software that provided Fruit Fiesta and Cash Splash games. Punters found this more impressive since they could easily access slot games using their desktops without inconvenience visiting a land-based casino house in a foreign country to play slots. Today, Kiwi players can play popular slot games from top-notch online casino websites. And what raised the popularity of slot games in New Zealand? Several factors came into play to favour slot games among Kiwi gamblers. Let’s discuss a few.

Favourable Government Support

After shutting down casinos, the government of New Zealand did not prohibit people from playing with offshore online casinos. With a desktop, PC, or smartphone, gamblers can browse through the internet looking for an online casino offering slot games. As long as a reputable licensing board licenses an online casino, Kiwi players are free to play slot games from different online casinos. On the flip side, the government of New Zealand does not tax money won from online slot games. This helps punters to feel motivated to play online slots.

Globally, online casinos have been given an upper hand by governments of different countries. Several licensing boards like the UK, Malta, New Jersey, Curacao, and Gibraltar offer licenses to online casinos. Since the New Zealand government allows Kiwi punters to play legit online slots from any country, players have broad access to these games to enjoy playing. Websites offering slot games put several methods to reel in more players and encourage the current ones to stick around. They have many offers that Kiwi players benefit from, thus helping grow the popularity of slot games.

Access to a Rich Category of Games

With thousands of websites offering online casino games, Kiwi players enjoy playing hundreds of slot games at their favourite casinos. Rookies who want to make it in online slot games can first try free games to gain experience and then proceed to real money games to try their luck in money-making. Most gamblers will opt for online slots that offer high chances of winning and frequent payouts. The most popular slot games played by Kiwi gamblers include:

1. Starburst

Starburst is one of the most favourite slot games among Kiwi players. Created by NetEnt software company, most punters find it easy to play and win money in real-time. Starburst is a 5-reed game that comes with colourful themes and graphics. It has different cool sound effects to make the game entertaining and enjoyable to play. Similarly, the symbols used, such as diamonds, gold bars, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and amethysts, help reel in more players as they see beautiful symbols within.

2. Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a 5-reel online slot game popular among Kiwi punters. Mega Moolah was created by Microgaming software company in 2006. Kiwi players find it interesting to play since it has 25 pay-lines and offers the biggest jackpots ever. Players stand a great chance of winning since it is easy to play and full of fun while playing.

3. Book of Dead

Like Starburst and Mega Moolah, Book of Dead is a 5-reel online slot game that is super easy to play. It has ten pay lines and accepts players with the lowest bankrolls. The game has popular features such as elegant symbols, free spins, gamble features, and expanding symbols. All these features make Book of Dead a fun game to play and increase winning among Kiwi players.

Other popular online slot games among kiwi players include;

  • Mega Joker
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas
  • Joker Strike
  • Blood Suckers,
  • Hot Ink

They are also the best paying online slots where Kiwi players can revamp their bankrolls with frequent winnings. Technology has played a part in popularizing these games among Kiwi players. Online slot games are now designed with sleek graphics, enticing sound qualities, and high-tech gameplay. You can now play 3D online slot games and VR games. In addition to that, technology has also allowed Kiwi players to access slot games using their smartphones. They can now enjoy the same game previously played on desktops and PCs and enjoy the same experience.

Lucrative Bonuses and Offers

Most online casinos understand the significance of offering bonuses and offers to their players. They give rewards such as a welcome bonus to players joining the casino for the first time. Current players are also awarded bonuses such as loyalty bonuses and free spins. To popularize slot games among Kiwi players, online casinos have delved deeper into offering bonuses to encourage players to play more. When a casino introduces a new slot game, they offer matched deposits and free spins to encourage players to play.

For example, a new slot game will offer a 100% matched deposit on every $100 and 25 free spins. It means that the player will win more cash and enjoy playing the slot game with the free spins offered. It’s like the players are given free money on top of every win they make. Kiwi punters don’t need to spend a lot of time and energy looking for slot games that offer such bonuses.

Ease of Access using Mobile Phones

It’s now easy for everyone in almost every other part of the world to access the internet using smartphones or tablets. It is said that, on average, we unlock our smartphones 150 times a day. We can interpret this by saying, Smartphones have become part of our lives daily. This means any Kiwi gambling enthusiast access online slot games by browsing through online casino websites. Therefore, players play slot games using their iPad, iPhones, Android, Windows, and Blackberry phones. It doesn’t matter whether players are resting on their beds, walking their dogs in the evening, or going for lunch breaks. With a reliable internet connection, they visit their favourite online casinos and play any slot games they like.

The leading software companies like Microgaming and Spin3 in New Zealand are constantly developing new mobile slot games to spice up everything. They’re making sure that they design the games to look much more like their desktop counterparts. This has made online gaming easier than before. As an ace in their hole, software companies understand where to find more customers. By introducing more online slot games that are mobile-friendly, they are much likely to get more customers. We can say this is a win-win situation since even punters benefit from playing more online slot games for fun and winning real cash.

Final Thoughts

Online slots are much more exciting games to play. Spinning the wheel and increasing chances of winning money have made Kiwi players love playing online slots. With hundreds of online slots and thousands of websites offering these games, players in New Zealand can access any online slot game.