Military and War Themed Slots Games


Slot machine games are a must-try on the casino floor. There are hardly a handful of people who leave the casino without playing a game of slots or two. Though it is a game of chance, more than skill, people are still indulged in trying their luck and winning home some big money. Slot machines have gained so much popularity in the recent years that it is also a part of recreation in the non-gambling countries like Japan, in the name of Pachinko.

The increase in slot machine numbers and millions of gamblers playing it across the world has demanded the slot manufacturers to design them based on popular themes. What could be better than the classic world war-themed military or war zones? The incorporation and inspiration taken from the conventional war games like Star wars have led the manufactures to create beautiful and attractive games, both online and on land-based casinos. Incorporation of these themes has tremendously increased players across the globe, not only for graphics but also for its action and strategy.


Battlefields are commonly referred to as the floor or an online counterpart, where the battle takes place. If we’re talking about the offline ones, then it has to be the casino, and the online ones are the ones we find on online video slot machine websites. Since we’re talking about ‘war-themed’ slots, it might be intimidating in some countries. Hence it is imperative to choose the casino or the online website wisely.

  • Make sure the casino is a licensed one and have games or tables, which are not illegal.
  • Check the review online. The negatives shouldn’t outdo the positive
  • It is essential to be safe than to be sorry.


How to play?

War or military-themed slot machines are like any other slot machines which consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of five reels. It is similar to the traditional way of playing any slot machine but involves battle or war zone characters and themes to win payouts and jackpots. Like any other war games, this one does not include shooting or destroying your opponent. Ut’s a fun way of winning, involving your favourite military characters and see them in action, only to earn money for yourself.

The players need to match the reel symbols, which includes special characters or items from the war theme. It feels like playing with a box, which has something to do with the soldiers. Apart from the interesting characters and themes, they also offer jackpots and bonuses which are purely entertaining to the players. The sound effects and graphics keep the players hooked to their seats and gamble away their money.  Some of the world’s most popular games like the Highlander, Braveheart and many more have made its way to the slot machine themes.

Online slots

Apart from the traditional land-based casino’s, there are online slots that are also incorporating war or military-based themes in their slot machines. Manufacturers like NetEnt and Microgaming have stepped up their game to provide fierce competition to their offline counterparts.