6 Military video games used to train troops on the battlefield

Video games

Video games may not simulate real-life situation but it’s a fine way to train your reflexes. Doctors suggest video games for developing children to help with many issues. It can sharpen your mind. Keeping these things in mind, the security apparatus has always used innovative ways to train their troops. This includes a special kind of training and use of video games also. However, the use of video games is a new exercise but it has already gained momentum.

Bring it on, Duck Hunt

This game is based around shooting and the accuracy of the shooter when he tries to shoot the duck with the gaming remote. The light gun used in the game is a replica of Jäger AP-74, styled after the M-16 rifle of the U.S Military. The games are developed by the U.S military.

Virtual Reality Combat Training

This game has been developed by Raytheon. The game is used by the military to make their troops familiarize themselves with the environment and weapons. This is an open arena gaming field that simulates the real-life situation of the troops, however, the simulators are designed to increase the reflex of players but at the same time, they are a lot different than the real-life scenarios.

Combat Training

Full Spectrum Warrior (Xbox)

The game comes in two versions – one is open to the public and other ones are used by the military to train its troops. Though the latter version can also be unlocked by the local public by following certain steps. The military version allows the player to issue the orders to the virtual team.

Tactical Iraqi (PC)

The game was to teach cultural nuances of Iraq to the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines before their deployment to Iraq in 2007. This educated the troops on language and gestures of Iraq and brought them face-to-face with Iraq in a virtual world.

America’s Army

This is a first-person shooter game published in a series of games. The game is on PC, Xbox, mobile phone, and arcade. The characters in the game were based upon real-life soldiers who had made a name in the military. Furthermore, it has won numerous awards like Action Game of E3 by GameSpy and Best First Person Shooter from Wargamer.

America’s Army

Virtual Battlespace 2

The best part about Battlespace 2 is that it allows you to customize the battlefield according to t your requirements. The filed can be modified to fit in different scenarios. This helps the players to view a different perspective. The players can also issue orders to squad members.


Videos games have been used for a long time to teach many things to people. From education to the military, the impact of games has been spectacular. Not just the U.S military but almost every country used video games as an interactive way to help soldiers get along with the battlefield scenarios. This also helps them to get familiarised with the weapons system and visualize what they are about to face.