Is Sword of Khan slot game is worth your time?

This game is a fun interactive game that is worth your time. You can play it if you only have five mins or if you have fifty. You do need to be a bit patient once you first load it. The game is a bit slow to load. However, if you think about what is slow for us now because of how quickly technology gives us everything it is not really slow just not instant as we are used to. Once the game gets loaded it is not slow at all. For each spin, you are given multiple chances to win. You are given the choice to select auto spin if you would like. You also get to decide how many times you would like it to do auto spin then it stops. This is really a good game for anyone as you can bet as little as .10 all the way up to 100 dollars. Even better than that there is a free demo you can try first if you would like that cost you nothing. Which is a great way to let you get a feel of the game to see if you enjoy it and figure it all out how it works before spending actual money on it.

Winning and Bonus Game

To win you have to match three low paying symbols or two symbols of high paying amount. There is a bonus game included in Sword of Khan. It is very similar to the main game. It allows you to select your bet from .10-100.00 also gives you the option of doing autoplay for five to five thousand times just like the main game. You can also control the sound on this just like in the main game. There are multiple ways to win and you can try out the bonus game on the demo as well so that is pretty generous. The Bonus game itself is triggered by three sword symbols. When that happens you are awarded a random number of free spins. So most of this is all pretty typical of games besides playing the bonus game in the demo. However, what I find really interesting and unique is that while you are playing the bonus game if you get two swords it will reactivate the bonus game for you again.

Look and Feel

Now on to the look and the feel of the game which can sometimes make or break a game. I want to start by saying it is user friendly. I do not have a lot of experience with playing this kind of games and I was quickly and easily able to figure it out and play the game and greatly enjoy it. The graphics are really well done and lots of detail in the graphics. The graphics are interactive without being distracting and is not too much where you feel like you are in Los Vegas with all the flashing lights. Which that is just a personal preference but also feel it is important to note for anyone who is easily overstimulated. For example someone with autism or someone who is prone to seizures or just doesn’t like a lot of flashes. The game overall from the pictures and symbols used to look like and make me feel that I am playing a mid-evil game with like knights and horses and saving a damsel (woman) in distress. When you are playing the game they have made it very easy to bring up the rules at any time needed by clicking the paper looking symbol on the side of the page. When you do this it gives you all the rules of the game so if you are confused at all or not sure what to do right there is the answer you need. Above that is a picture of a trophy if you click on that it will pull up the points and how much everything is worth so there is no surprise and you know what has the most points so you know what the goal is and what you want to try to get so you can win the most. I also really like that when you do win there is a line that shows through all the symbols so you know what you did and why you won what you did so you can try to do it again. There is nothing worse than winning points or money in a game and you have no idea what you did to achieve it. I feel that them showing all of this makes me trust them more and feel they are not trying to trick me. The answer is right there you just have to read it analyze it and figure it out.

Scatter and Wild Symbols

This particular game offers both scatters and wild. The difference between those two is that scatters make like free spaces for an opportunity for you to get a second chance. Whereas if something is wild that means it can match up with any other symbol. I find it very generous that you get both in this game. Overall I agree with the high star rating of this game it is fun interactive and user friendly. It has things for both experienced gamers as well as newbies who are just getting started with it. Has both options for a low and high level of risk when you are putting in the bet amount.