Warlords Slot Game Review

This is one of the best and most exciting new slot games out there. The name for this game is Warlords: Crystals of Power. This game is Viking-themed. It is fun to play and very engaging. It offers frequent wins and is a good time. We will discuss the game in further detail below.

The Aesthetic

Graphically, the game is well-designed. The aesthetic features earth tones and gem tones. It is vivid in colour. The colour scheme is complemented by the ensembles that the main characters wear. The graphic design of this game is exceptional. The grid is five reels across by three reels tall. The game features the main characters whose aesthetic is fascinating to the eye.

The Main Characters

The three main characters are warlords. They are a Samurai, a Priestess and a Barbarian. They are experienced warlords who battle to survive. These characters are embellished upon throughout the game.

The Design

The design of this game is unique and beneficial in terms of ability to win spins. The grid, as mentioned above, is five rows wide by three rows tall. You can select from varying levels from one to ten. The value of your bet can be anything from one penny to one dollar. You have about one in three chances to hit a win on your spin. The wild card is a triple jewel which multiplies winnings by 20x.

The Game Itself: Wilds

As discussed above, you have about a one-third chance of hitting. This is amplified by bonus spins and wilds. The wild card will trigger any of the following three features. The first wild feature is the Barbarian Hammer. This adds a two by two block of wilds. The Priestess arrow is another wild bonus. It fires two to five arrows at any reel. These arrows transform into wild cards. The third type of effect that is prompted by the wild is the Samurai sword. This offers the player the benefit of transforming any two to five different place markers into wilds, wherever the Samurai sword strikes. Landing on any of these wilds offers the player a bonus spin, as well. The bonus spin is blue for the Barbarian, green for the Priestess and red for the Samurai.

Free Spins

Free spins are awarded as a result of scatters. These scatters are colour-coordinated according to whether they are for the Priestess, Barbarian or Samurai. Barbarian free spins come with nine free spins as an absolute minimum. They usually offer more than nine free spins. The free spins symbols on this turn contain only the Warlords or wild animals symbols. This is because these are the higher paying symbols. One of the options that you can land on is another round of free spins with an extra three free spins total. You may also land on free spins afforded by the Priestess. She gives the player seven totally free spins. Her free spins afford the player the highest payouts. You may land on the Samurai for free spins. He can award five free spins in total. In his hands, the scatter symbol becomes a sticky wild that can be placed upon any key.

The Stats

In the base game, you can win earnings up to 600 times your original investment. There is also a progressive win multiplier in this game that can up your earnings, too. In total, players can collect up to 6.666 times their original investment in rewards.

The Designers

This game is designed and produced by NetEnt. This is by far and unarguably one of the biggest names in the world of slot game production. NetEnt is based out of Stockholm, Sweden. The brand was founded some twenty plus years ago in 1996. They currently employ over 700 individuals in their offices. In 2007, they became a publicly-traded company when they launched on the Stockholm Public Exchange. This business has seen marked success since its inception. They are one of the biggest names in casino entertainment. They specifically excel in the online casino gaming world.

The Game Overall

All in all, Warlords is an exceptional slot game that is sure to entertain and please. This game includes the standard ins and outs of a slot game, with extra added effects and bonuses. The general aesthetic of the game is vivid and intricate. The theme is indicated with gem tones and a rustic, medieval aesthetic. The game features visuals the likes of wild animals and ancient warlords. The game also features some exciting bonuses for those who how to want to win big. It is possible to earn free spins and wilds. The wilds each correspond to one of the three main character warlords. Each wild can afford you bigger wins and more free spins. The three main characters in the story are Barbarian, Priestess and Samurai. They each have their own corresponding sets of benefits. This includes extra free spins and wilds, as well as scatter options. The game is produced by NetEnt, a leader in the field of online casino gaming production. You will find that you are likely to enjoy any game manufactured by this producer. They are known for their quality and entertaining game options. Their picks are not to be missed.